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Long Boards
LONGBOARDS: Roger cooper has been shaping surfboards of all sizes for over 40 years. His knowledge and experience is paramount in getting a quality board from his stock range,or for a true custom board to suit you. Scroll down to see just a few samples of what is on offer.
Dimensions 9ft1"x23 1/2" and up to 9ft6"
Description standard longboard which is very versatile for all types of surf.
colours yellow stripe
Prices 680
Model: 60 s VOLAN MALIBU
Dimensions 9ft6" and 10ft
Description This model has a domed bottom which is clasical 60s style. Generally these retro boards are cruisers, perfect for that old style - big sweeping turns,and drop knee cut backs. Good forward trim and nose riding.
colours clear volan colour,with pinlines on rail trims!
Prices 690 to 750
Model: J T MODEL
Dimensions 9FT 1 TO 9FT 6
Description See description of J T model on other boards.
Prices 650
Dimensions 9ft 6" x 23 3/4" shown here, also up to 10ft
Description This model is a very good all round board, with a full nose and a nose concave, giving very good nose riding. This board is perfect for classic style surfing, excellent control enabling big sweeping bottom turns and off the top manoeuvres.
colours Plain white or any colour
Prices 680
Model: J T MODEL
Dimensions 9ft1" to 9ft6"
Description see other JT model boards on page above.
colours blue tint
Prices 690
Dimensions 10ft1"x23 1/2
Description Good all round board,excellent in waves over 6ft.
colours full colour options
Prices 720
Dimensions 9ft6"x23 1/2
Description Classic noserider with triple stringers.
colours white with triple stringer
Prices 720
Model: Standard Noserider
Dimensions 9ft 2ins
Description Standard noserider with fabric inset in concave. 2 + 1 fins.
colours White with fabric of choice
Prices 750
Model: Magic Mat
Dimensions 6ft 10 to 7ft 3, other sizes avialable on request
Description A close relative of the magic carpet concept boards, capable of easy nose riding,and agressive surfing with tight turns. Most suited to experienced long board riders, this is not a mini mal.
colours white/fabric nose
Prices 550
Model: Guts Performer
Dimensions 9ft6 x 23.5
Description shaped by chris guts griffiths ex welsh european champion.
colours to order
Prices 750
Model: Nose rider/combo
Dimensions 9ft2 to 9ft6x23.25
Description Combination board for nose riding and progressive surfing,Also performs in big waves.
colours to order
Prices 750
Model: Nose rider/combo
Dimensions 9ft2 to 9ft6 x23.25
Description combination board for nose riding and progressive surfing also performs well in big waves
colours to order
Prices 750
Model: Epoxy
Dimensions Custom Order Only (board shown is 10ft4)
Description High performace boards, lightweight and strong made from carbon fibre+epoxy resin.
colours black carbon bottom.deck to order
Prices 850
Model: Epoxy
Dimensions Custom Order only (board shown 10ft)
Description Light weight designed for high performace, this board has a kevlar glass deck.
colours deck is gold kevlar glass, bottom to order
Prices 850
Model: Standard Nose Rider
Dimensions 9ft 2
Description Standard noserider, with concave in nose, Board shown red bottom, red rails, fabric deck patch.
colours To Order
Prices 750
Model: Guts design
Dimensions 9ft 1
Description Classic longboard desgin, shaped by chris griffiths. One of his favourites
colours To Order
Prices 720
Model: Custom Order J T
Dimensions 9ft1 x 22
Description Customers own design done on board.
colours white with design
Prices 680
Model: Tom Fisher 1
Dimensions 9ft 1 x 22 1/2
Description Epoxy lightweight high performence board with speed bottom contours
colours white
Prices 850
Model: Roger Cooper Pintail
Dimensions 9ft1 x 22 1/2
Description A standard longboard design with a pin tail. This board has a yellow tint on the bottom and fabric inlaid into the nose.
colours as seen or custom to order
Prices 750
Model: Roger Cooper
Dimensions 9ft 2x 23
Description A standard long board
colours as seen
Prices 750
Model: Roger Cooper
Dimensions 10ft x 23 1/2"x 3" or to customers choice
Description Rogers Model. Good all round as a single fin or multiple fins!
colours Nice design on deck only
Prices 750
Model: JT Model Longboard
Dimensions 9ft4" x 22 1/2"
Description JT model to customers order
colours Two tone Yellow Resin Tint
Prices 650